Real Estate

The firm has many years of experience in residential and commercial real estate transactions. The firm offers services to title companies for the preparation of title documents for conveyances, easements, promissory notes, deeds of trust, etc.

Dalrymple Law P.C. continues to offer its clients those services and others.

• Easements, Options, Right of First Refusal

- Purchase Agreements
- Leases
- Title Review
- Homeowners Associations
- Seller Financing
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Business & Corporate

We routinely assists clients in the selection and creation of business and nonprofit corporations, and limited liability companies. Our firm will work with your CPA to determine the most effective business structure for your business goals. We gives our clients the tools and knowledge to maintain their business structure and records. We work with clients as their needs change and their business grows to maximize limited liability protections.

- Company Creation
- Business Formalities
- Contract Review and Drafting
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Wills & Probate

We appreciates that each client has different estate planning goals and concerns. We take the time to discuss personal circumstances, explain the process to family members, and helps to develop an estate plan that eases the worries of clients and their families. We will work with your CPA or financial planner to make sure that all of your tax and retirement goals come together cohesively.

• Estate Planning
• Advanced Healthcare Directive

- Wills
- Trusts
- Healthcare Directives
- Power of Attorney
- Probate
- Transfer on Death Deeds
- Survivorship Issues
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General Civil Practice

General civil practice refers to a broad range of laws designed to settle disputes between individuals, business entities and other organizations. Resolution generally involves alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or a lawsuit. The laws applicable to a general civil practice vary according to the facts of a particular case. We have handled various legal disputes using all of the above methods. We view litigation as a method of last resort and strives to find a resolution that moves our clients toward their final goal without incurring unnecessary cost and expense.